How do you make a internet work on your phone?

Answer Yes; there is now malware available that looks like applications that you get from app stores that acts like a virus.

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My daughtets i phone 4 does not work no internet phone calls or text?

Something you may try from home is a "Soft Reset"Press both the power and the "Home" button on the front and hold them for 30 seconds, even when the phone turns itself off and on again. Sometimes t... Read More »

Phone and Internet cannot work at the same time?

Make sure that you have no filter on the DSL modem. That wire should connect directly to the wall. Everything else (phones, computer modem (the dialup/fax type), fax machines, caller ID boxes, an... Read More »

Home Phone does not work while using internet?

You may need an ADSL FILTER. The internet data coming down your line is crossing on to your phone hence the noise.The filter will prevent this. Your Service Provider should be able to supply these ... Read More »

You had a phone without internet and you want to use the 2g iphone why wont it work?