How do you make a horse fly trap?

Answer Horseflies are attracted by warm dark objects. Hang a black plastic ball below a light coloured textile gone. Place a trap-can on the top. A horsefly tries to bite the ball and after it flies away ... Read More »

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How to Trap Horse Flies?

Horse flies are one of 30 types of blood letting flies. These large flies are more than just pesky; they carry disease, such as Equine Infectious Anemia. Horse flies lay their eggs near organic mat... Read More »

How to Make a Horse Relaxed at a Horse Show?

At horse shows, especially your first ones, your horse can get very excited and unmanageable, which results in little fun for you and your horse. Sometimes the reasoning is that your horse is too g... Read More »

How to Make a Fly Trap?

Learn to make a quick and easy fly trap! Simple instructions that lead to no more flies!

How do I make a rat trap car?

Reading about the principles of physics is one thing, but putting them into practice is another. Two of the most basic principles of that branch of science are potential and kinetic energy--the ene... Read More »