How do you make a girl get naked?

Answer Okay, the only way a girl would do that is if she knows you both are completely in love . so fall in love with this girl and have her fall in love with you . . . then after a few years if you both ... Read More »

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What happens when a girl looks at a boy naked?

hmm, anything can happen...but if the boy and girl really like each other, are boyfriend and girlfriend, and have talked it through, making sure they both agree to it, they just might have sex. If ... Read More »

I saw a picture of a naked girl on the internet. It said underaged!!?

OMFG...The internet police are on there way...Kidding but quit looking at naked chicks on the web. Get a girlfriend .

Chances of pregnancy if did mutual masturbation guy naked girl wearing panty with pantyliner but her period is late and breast is sore pms or pregnant?

Which is better (Urban Decay): Naked or Naked 2?

Naked 1. I bought it about a month ago as my first high end pallet. Didn't regret it one bit. It is absolutely gorgeous.