How do you make a flower symbol with an iPhone?

Answer Provided the handset is unlocked and you use a micro sim card.

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What is lock symbol in the top right corner of the iPhone 4s?

It means your phone is locked in portrait mode and won't switch to landscape.

What does symbol of lock with arrow around it mean on iphone 3gs?

How to lock the orientation on the iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 We show you how to lock the orientation on your iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 to prevent accidental rotationsEnabling rotation lock on the iPhon... Read More »

On your iPhone 3G on the top line to the right of AT and T what is the symbol that looks like a capital E?

Yes, you can cancel a contract with you service provider, but you will most likely be charged with an early termination fee. And this will depend on the stipulations on the contract.

What is the symbol with the phone next to the battery mean on the iPhone 3g?

The symbol with the phone next the battery icon on the iPhone is the iPhone's symbol for teletype, or TTY, machines. When the symbol is displayed, it means that the feature is active on the iPhone ... Read More »