How do you make a call from your ear-bud?

Answer If its from itunes, right click and copy the video, open library-music-itunes-itunesmedia-music then it will come up with the singers, paste into anywhere ontop of a singer and scroll to the bottom!

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Is it possible for someone to make a LD call from somewhere & have it listed as dir. dialed from my home phn.?

if I understand you correctly, you can use a 10 dollar spoof-card, because you can put your homephone number show up on the receiving end!!! but like I stated its not still have... Read More »

Does 141 dialed prior to making a phone call block your number from your caller?

How Do I Make a Phone Call From the US to the UK?

Each country has its own number system for making phone calls. Making international phone calls also requires the caller to use additional international dialing codes. United Kingdom travelers to t... Read More »

How do you make a call in 3G mode from the iPhone 4S?

The same way. It doesn't matter if you have 3G or edge.