How do you make a bonsai?

Answer First of all, many kinds of trees and shrubs can be made into a bonsai. A bonsai is simply a miniature version of a tree, which is planted in a pot. Japanese maples are ideal for creating a bonsai.... Read More »

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Where can I get a bonsai spider plant and a bonsai Boston fern?

Well,I found a photo on line of a Spider Plant that has been bonsai-ed,but really it is very uncommon to use Bonsai techniques on spiderplants,succulents,palms,or ferns....Also you may not be aware... Read More »

How to Make Bonsai Pottery?

Bonsai pottery is designed to accentuate, and never overwhelm, the beauty of a bonsai tree. Trees are planted in low, shallow clay dishes that are glazed in earthy, subtle colors. Bonsai pottery ca... Read More »

How to Make Your Bonsai Tree More Fertile?

How to make your bonsai tree, Ficus Glomerata Variegata, become fertile.

How to Make a Jade Indoor Bonsai?

The naturally small size, slow growth rate and adaptability of the jade plant make it an ideal selection for indoor bonsai. This succulent evergreen produces glossy, green foliage attached to an of... Read More »