How do you make a blu-ray player region free?

Answer Answer Yes & No, you might be thinking well whats he going on about well, some blu-ray players do not have scrart connection that means will not connect to any of the old TV. You might be thinking ... Read More »

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Can you make a LG blu ray player region free?

How to Make a DVD Player Region Free for a Mac?

By default, the DVD player in a Macintosh is restricted to playing DVDs for the region in which the Macintosh was sold, just as a commercial DVD player is. Modifying the hardware to be region free ... Read More »

How do you make ps3 DVD player region free?

How do you make the PS3 blu-ray player region free?

how to region free the blu ray on PS3 There is currently no known method for unlocking region PS3 consoles to play Blu-Ray movies from regions other than ones that match the player's region. About ... Read More »