How do you make a blu-ray player multi region?

Answer The region codes are stored in the internal microprocessor. You'd have to find a way to re-code the operating system. It depends on the Blu-ray player. Some Blu-ray players are quite easy to do by... Read More »

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What do you have to do make a Toshiba SD501 KB DVD player into a multi-region player?

I couldn't find your exact machine number, but they tend to follow a pattern for individual makes.Try this.1. Power on the DVD player 2. Press the Open/close button on your remote control to open ... Read More »

I have sony bdps500b blu-ray player and i want to make it a multi region player were can i go to do this.?

I don't know a hack as of yet. But that don't mean there wouldn't be. Wait another six months and ask again. Someone will fine a way if it can be done.The old guy's just can't get over Blu-ray winn... Read More »

How do you make a blu ray player multi region?

Is ps3 a multi-region dvd player?

For DVDs, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, the Playstation 3 can play and provide output for multiple regions to multiple displays, according to the website. But the system la... Read More »