I am in the mood of a baked potatoe. does anyone know what restaurant to get it?

Answer Luther's BBQ, Jasons Deli, any steakhouse, Fuddrucker's

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When you make baked ziti , do you make the first layer tomato sauce?

Cook the noodles first till still al danteput down a layer of sauce. mix noodles with more sauce, a little oregano & some grated mozzarella or provolone cheese. put mixture on top of sauce. cover ... Read More »

Jacket potatoe for tea...but what would you?

Cheese, tuna and sweet corn..Plus butter of course ..We have bangers and mash...lovely grub..hehe

How to Cook Spicy Potatoe Sabji?

Potato Sabji!The word 'Sabji' is used throughout European culture to describe different variety of side dishes. Here's a recipe to make yummy and Spicy Potato sabji. Even kids can try this recipe. ... Read More »

What do you eat instead of unhealthy snacks like potatoe chips?

cycle these through your week:carrotscelery with salt sprinkled on them (just like chips)radishesbananagumcucumberstomatosassorted nutsbanana chips (like the plaintain ones but be careful because s... Read More »