How do you make a Scar Less noticeable?

Answer make a bigger scar next to it

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How to Make Acne Less Noticeable?

Acne is a condition that requires patience, long-term care and treatment in order to deal with it properly. But during the course of ridding yourself of your acne, you may have an occasion like yea... Read More »

How do I make my braces less noticeable?

keep ur mouth shut. And be thankful your parents have the doe to afford them.

How to Make Braces Look Less Noticeable?

Some people may wish to make their braces appear less noticeable.

How to Make Stretch Marks Less Noticeable?

Stretch marks occur when skin is stretched beyond normal capacity. Events such as weight gain and pregnancy can bring on stretch marks. Once developed, they are permanent, but there are ways to mak... Read More »