How do you make a MP3 file into a ringtone on your phone?

Answer I use this website. which turns your mp3 files into ringtones using a few simple steps. It does cost a one time $8 fee, but that is much better than paying 2-3 dollars for a ri... Read More »

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Does your ringtone make you dance to answer the phone?

Awww. . no one answered ? ? I didn't initially because I don't have a cell phone, or a ring tone. . . my phone only goes tweet, tweet !! If I did have one with music, you know I would be dancing... Read More »

What will allow you to make your ringtone louder, when it gets played on your phone ?

Bitrate when u make by computer increase it .

How to Send a Music File to a Cell Phone Ringtone?

Creating your own ringtones from a music file on your computer allows you to personalize your cellphone ring and adds variety to the default ringtones that come with every phone. Unlike popular rin... Read More »

How do you set your own ringtone on i phone 4?