How to Make French Fry Dip?

Answer French fry dip, while this recipe has a seemingly dull name, it is actually a very good dip for French fries. It was popularized by the Arctic Circle restaurant chain in the 1980s. Since the chain ... Read More »

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How to Make French Nails?

The French manicure which is characterized by pale pink or beige nails with white tips is a classic nail design with disputed origins. Some credit cosmetician Max Factor with inventing the look for... Read More »

How to Make French Toast?

Originally a way to use up stale bread, hot, steaming French toast is a perfect addition to a brunch, as well as making a delicious cold weather breakfast treat. Follow these steps, and you'll soon... Read More »

How to Make a French Lace Wig?

French lace wigs are found on some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Wigs have been a reality in entertainment for centuries. Early wigs were made with human or animal hair sewn onto leather. Curr... Read More »

How to Make a French Ponytail?

This is a cute style that works well for sports or school. It's a lot easier to accomplish than a French twist or a French braid and it can be dressed up or down.