How do you lose your desire for sweets?

Answer Try eatting a variety of apples!Eat one after lunch and dinner.they are a natural digestive enzime.I find that if I have fruit, grapes= natures little sugar cubeson hand I go for them.don't buy th... Read More »

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What is the difference between htc desire and htc desire g7?

They are Borge the same size and shape but the G7 is a clone of the Desire, and it is cheaper than the original HTC Desire.

What is the difference between htc desire and htc desire hd?

the htc desire hd is the upgraded version of the htc desire. i myself have an htc desire hd and it has a humungus screen on it that has amazing picture hence the hd, it has an 8.0 mp camera and is ... Read More »

What was your favourite sweets from your childhood and why ?

Treats! they are now called peanut M&M'sAlso - tootie frootiesthe reason is simple i had a very sweet tooth and these were the sweetest to me;)

What would you do if you got two free maoam stripes in a magazine and one of your relatives stole them but you had no allowance and could not buy your own sweets and it made you so angry?

It's possible your relative didn't realize you wanted the maoam stripes in the magazine. You should learn to communicate and politely tell your relative that you were saving those stripes for yours... Read More »