How can i lose body fat?

Answer Good nutrition and crazy workouts thats it :) one day you'll train your butt and legs , the other day your abs and back , then rest and the day after arms and shoulders. I could send you the videos... Read More »

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How to Lose Body Fat?

Now we know you want to melt away the fat. So read this and find out!

If you had to lose one body part what would it be?

If I could get rid of one body part I think I’d chose my belly button, what purpose does it serve????

How to lose fat on the entire body?

Actually I am concerned about what has happened with your shape. If you are being honest to yourself - about how little you eat, yet gained very much weight - then I think you should see your docto... Read More »

My diet to lose body fat?

You need more protein in your diet for sure, fish is not going to cut it. try atleast two proteins a day. chicken, steak, fish, eggs, etc. I would not eat after 7pm and try to eat as little of star... Read More »