How do you loose weight from your face?

Answer Smile more? :)

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How to loose weight fast from my stomach?

Cycling, abdominal exercises, dorsal raises. Squats, Kettal ball exercises. Don't have to use a kettle ball. Any weight will do (that you can keep hold of). When cycling, be safe and be seen. Hi-vi... Read More »

If you hit your face and your teeth come loose will they tighten back up on their own?

No, it probably needs a root canal or be extracted.

Can you loose weight from taking ecstasy pills?

These type of drugs affect your metabolism, in turn they will affect your weight. so the answer to your question as you have answered yourself is yes you will lose weight taking ecstasy pills, howe... Read More »

How to Tighten Loose Skin Around Your Face?

Everyone wants that tight looking and beautiful skin around their face. Tight skin anywhere really, but around the face is the most visible for others to see. Our face is everything after all. To g... Read More »