My name is Caleb and is my weight good for me I'm 6'1, 200 pounds or 90.7 kg. Should I loose weight?

Answer At 6 1. 200 pounds is great. Check your bmi. if its under 27 then your good.

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How to loose weight at 11?

I was nearly that big when i was 10 too. I'm 13 now... and i know this it the most FRUSTRATING answer in all of human history but Hunn... just WAIT! i swear to god i was SOOO jealous of all the ski... Read More »

How can I loose weight?

Here are six simple tips that will have you losing weight in a balanced and healthy way and lose weight:1. Lose weight with water.Water is essential for everybody - it is also the key to losing wei... Read More »

How do u loose weight?

This might sound crazy but drink water with all ur meals for 2 weeks and dance alot! also try eating smaller portions and walk 30 min to an hour a day it worked for me! Your parents may not let u b... Read More »

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