How do you lock your notes on iPod touch?

Answer You can't, but if you think that you should be able to maybe send an e-mail to Apple or like iTunes ! Also if you really want to write something and lock it go buy the diary app :)

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Where is the lock button on your ipod touch?

How do you get android lock screen on your iPod touch?

Unfortunately, its not possible yet. the itunes app store does not have a app that allows you to get the cool android screen lock pattern. The only way to get android screen lock is to jailbreak yo... Read More »

What dose the lock by your iPod touch battery?

You don't have to have a contract to message on your iPod touch because iTouches do not support SIM cards. However, you do need an internet access hub (or internet router) to access the internet so... Read More »

Is there a way to recover deleted notes from an 4th generation iPod Touch ?

yeah that's why i still use pen and paper to keep notes. as long as i make sure my dog doesn't eat it i'm ok.