How do you load music to a CiPhone 3G 16GB?

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How much music will a 16gb Ipad hold?

How many music tracks will an iPhone 4S 16GB hold?

It depends how big the song is, it also depends how much other stuff is on it, like games and other apps, they take up more than a song... Hope this helps :)

How much photos videos music and apps can a 16gb iPad 2 hold?

This question can't be answered just by giving a number... (Apps have not one file size, it can vary from 1mb to hundreds of megabytes... )An iPad with 16gb can carry a lot of stuff... It will take... Read More »

How much music would a 16GB iPhone hold as well as contacts etc is it worth buying one?

A 16GB iPhone means it has 16 gigabytes of memory. It depends how much music you have as to how much room you need. I have an 8 GB and I had to delete a bunch of apps on my phone because my music l... Read More »