How do you load a hard copy picture onto a computer?

Answer the correct term for this is 'uploading'. to upload a hard copy picture you got to scan it. Some printers have scanners on them otherwise you will need to invest in a scanner.

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Why doesn't "Rocky Horror Picture Show" load on my computer?

download vlc media player (free) and give it a shot through vlc's built in drivers

Copy picture to computer?

1) Make sure the computer is plugged in, turned on and all software installed (If this isn't it)2) Go to my computer and click, *scanner name* wizard.3) Follow promptsIf you have any trou... Read More »

Computer won't load, is it the hard drive Windows xp 2003 10 pts for helping!?

hmmm please tell me if you have another pc avaliable or not and i may be able to helpit involves using another O/S to see if it can read the Hard disk it's called Ubuntu and it boots from CDand if ... Read More »

How do I copy a CD to computer hard drive?

RippingOpen up Windows Media Player. Click on the "rip" tab. Insert the CD into the CD or other optical drive. Select the songs that show up by clicking in the check box next to each song. Click on... Read More »