How do you load a hard copy picture onto a computer?

Answer the correct term for this is 'uploading'. to upload a hard copy picture you got to scan it. Some printers have scanners on them otherwise you will need to invest in a scanner.

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How to Copy a Picture off of Google Onto Your Pictures?

Copying pictures from the Internet is as simple as a mouse click. For the uninitiated, the task may seem unfamiliar. However, saving your favorite pictures from Google and other websites is one of ... Read More »

Is it possible to load an entire game onto an xbox 360 hard drive?

An entire game can be loaded onto your Xbox 360, according to IGN. To install a game, you need to press "Y" at the 'play game' screen. Putting games on a hard disk drive can improve load times and ... Read More »

Can I copy a DVD onto my hard drive?

DVDs can be copied onto a hard drive with specialized software, and several programs exist for this purpose. However, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), it is illegal to copy... Read More »

How do you load pictures onto my computer from a SanDisk?

you drag them out of the documents folder on your SanDisk.