How do you lnow if you iphone is being tracked?

Answer California, if you look on the back of any iphone or ipod it says its been designed in California and assembled in china since first gen ipods.

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Does unblocking or jailbreaking an iPhone 4 stop it from being tracked and Can the phone companies track an iPhone 4?

The iPhone will always have the capability of being tracked unless you take off the gps service which will not stop it from being track but make it less accurate

Can a iphone 4 be tracked?

The purpose of d3o on the iphone case is to protect the phone from any sort of impact, as d3o is very good at absorbing impact. However d3o is not designed to improve the reception on the phone.

If I found a iPhone can it be tracked?

The iPhone is more expensive and not as goodAlso you need to have AT&T

Can a never activated iPhone 4S be tracked with no service?