How do you list iPad apps alphabettically?

Answer The apps can be sorted by hand in iTunes or on the screen itself, but there is no way to sort on the iPad alphabetically automatically.

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Does the iPad 2 3G have the same apps in the iPad 2 wifi?

You click on the picture you want to delete and then there will be a little trash can icon and if you press it, it will delete it

Do you have to buy all new apps for iPad 2 if already have apps in my iTunes account?

Sorry, but Apple does not allow you to do this. i was wondering myself, but i think the reason why you might want to do this is because you want to jailbreak it. Apple doesnt want you to be jail br... Read More »

How many apps can you download at once with an iPad 2 running IOs 5 In other words if you were to start downloading 5 apps would they all download at once or alone?

One would download fast, then a next, then a next, and it keeps going for how many apps you download.

Who has all the iPad 2 Apps?

Well I think you should know that not EVERYONE has all the ipad 2 apps, everyone all has different kinds of likes and dislikes... :)