How do you like your steaks?

Answer Medium rare

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Guys how do you like like your burgers and steaks cooked?

Medium rare steak. Medium burger.Anything more and the meat is overcooked, dry and tough to chew.

How do you like your steaks on a barbeque What is your favortie steak to barbeque?

My favorite is a Delmonico steak because it is a good blend of flavor and tenderness.I marinade the steak in Ken's Italian Marinade and Dressing at least 8 hours before grilling.I sear the steak on... Read More »

Why steaks are still partly frozen, is it ok to cook them like this?

it will take a couple minutes longer to get them done as you wish from being slightly frozen in the middle. Go ahead and slap those suckers on the grill and enjoy!! Steak does not have to be room t... Read More »

I'd like to become a veggie, but I love steaks. Is there any part of a cow that's a vegetable?

why are people taking you seriously its fecking obvious its a joke and youre fishing.any way milk if it counts as part of a cow