How do you like your steak cooked?

Answer Well I Love my steak cooked by my hubby,he makes it seem like an art show.He seasons it very good, and also seasons the onions as well(green bell peppers are optional,but we like a variety)He cooks... Read More »

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If you bought steak to a cookout and only hamburgers were cooked...should you ask for ur steak back?

Well, that would be bad manners. BUT if they didn't cook the steak, that's poor manners too. When you bring food or drink to someplace, they are supposed to serve it. If they don't, you don't sa... Read More »

I just cooked a T-Bone steak and put "English Pub Spicy Steak Sauce" on it. It was NOT spicy at all. Does?

English food is blander than styrofoam packing peanuts. That, combined with years of eating tamales made by your house servant Juanita, has left your tastebuds completely incapable of sensing what... Read More »

How long does cooked steak last in refrigerator?

about a week to a week and a half... after that it gets bad. smell it if it doesn't smell good after a week and a half don't eat it.

How do you like your steak cooked apologies to all veggies?

I like mine med-rareBEEF TENDERLOIN WITH RED WINE SAUCE, CREAMED SPINACH, AND TRUFFLED FRENCH FRIESThe truffled fries are an inspired, luxurious photo to enlarge Red Wine Sauce2... Read More »