How do you like your spuds cooked?

Answer chipsroastedmashed with loads of butterchipsjacket potatoboiled new potatoespotato saladchips

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Guys how do you like like your burgers and steaks cooked?

Medium rare steak. Medium burger.Anything more and the meat is overcooked, dry and tough to chew.

How do you like your prime rib cooked?

How do you like your steak cooked?

Well I Love my steak cooked by my hubby,he makes it seem like an art show.He seasons it very good, and also seasons the onions as well(green bell peppers are optional,but we like a variety)He cooks... Read More »

How do you like your eggs cooked?

over easy when I go out for breakfast. If I make it has to be srambled cause they always end up that way!