How do you like your fresh shrimp cooked?

Answer PEACE U are strange.Butterflied rolled in cornmeal & tempura flour and FRIED!

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How soon should fresh cooked shrimp be eaten?

Shrimp should be eaten or refrigerated within two hours after cooking. Cooked shrimp served outside or in any area warmer than 90 degrees Fahrenheit should be consumed, refrigerated or discarded af... Read More »

How long will cooked shrimp stay fresh?

Cooked shrimp can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. They can also be frozen for up to two months. However, it is recommended to freeze raw shrimp rather than cooked shrimp because... Read More »

How long will cooked shrimp stay fresh in a refrigerator?

I go along with the 3 day rule except for shrimp and deviled eggs. If they are not eatten by the next day, I throw them out. Answer My Mom used to work in a nursing home kitchen and they had a 3 da... Read More »

How long can cooked shrimp stay fresh in the fridge?

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