How do you like to eat oreos?

Answer In milk! Yum!!! I love all kinds of Oreos also!

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How to Dip Oreos in Chocolate?

Chocolate dipped Oreo cookies are very popular at holiday time. Making your own is easy. You can make plain chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, or you can add your own special touches to the cookies to ... Read More »

How do you eat your Oreos?

i scrape the filling off and just eat the cookie part

Where To Find Oreos!!!!?

Are you referring to that pic I saw on the Internet of an oreo with A rainbow of fillings inside (like 7 in 1). Hate to break this to you but it may be a photoshopped image and is not real. I not g... Read More »

Who likes oreos and milk?

I love them, but I have to watch it because they are fattening. Well, not the milk, but the oreos are. Oreos taste good but they are not the best things for you. Milk on the other hand, is an ex... Read More »