How did the towns of Beaver Lick and Big Bone Lick in Montana USA get their names?

Answer Anuk Creek, in Manitoba..."Moose Shitz Creek" sans paddle...Don't forget Larry Bird's hometown, French Lick Indiana...The very best in America...To Hell You Ride, Colorado...

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LG Cyon Lollipop!!!!?

The LG Ice Cream 2 (LU-1600) was released in Korea in December 2008. The Ice Cream 2 is about W450,000 without a contract, using an exchange rate of W1,300 to USD1.00, the phone would cost about $... Read More »

How many calories are in a lollipop?

Answer in a hoodia weight loss lollipop... 28 calories, 0 fat grams, 4 carbs, and 2 net grams of Unrefined sugarStandard lollipops are an average of 60 calories.

Who invented the charms lollipop?

Vincent Ciccone started working for the Charms company as a janitor, and worked his way up to president of the company. He is credited to have invented the Charm Read More »

Where can i get lollipop sticks?

You could get bamboo skewers...your local grocery store should have those in with the BBQ items or in the meat department...or kitchen supplies. The skewers come in two sizes and I would use the l... Read More »