How do you leave group chats on skype for an IPad 2?

Answer Sorry you can't, hopefully they do it in the next update! But for now you must stay in the annoying group convos

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Hello, does anyone know a Messenger who chats with MSN, Yahoo Google & Skype at the same time?

download the software TRILLIAN and you can chat in all of them at the same time. you can get trillian in its free to

Advertisement on facebook group chats?

This is interesting that you are having this issue!I have been having the same issue as well for a couple of weeks, but I was able to quickly reverse the damage. Now, about two months ago there was... Read More »

Can you group call with Skype on ipad2?

Unfortunately, not at this point in time. May 2012

How to Use Skype on an iPad?

Make use of your Skype account for video and voice calls, instant messaging and more even when you’re not at your computer. All you need is the Skype app for iPad and an Internet connection and y... Read More »