How to Lean Like a Cholo?

Answer Cholos, some of the coolest gangsters on the planet. Next time you're in the club trying to get a lady, you would like to dance like a cool gangster ... correct? Well what better way to do that tha... Read More »

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Who sings"Lean Like a Cholo"?

Juan Martinez, also known as the rapper Down AKA Kilo, sings "Lean Like a Cholo." It is the debut single from his 2007 album "Definition of an Ese," according to AOL Music. Martinez co-wrote the so... Read More »

How to Be a Cholo?

A Cholo is a Hispanic gangster typically from southern California, the bay area, southern Florida and parts of southwest Texas. Some famous Cholos include Vato Loco and Down aka Kilo. This is the w... Read More »

What does the Spanish word"cholo"mean?

The word cholo is thought to have originated in the U.S and used as a derogatory term used to describe a Chicano gang member. A stereotypical cholo wears tank tops, a hairnet and bandanna, and has ... Read More »

How to be big and lean?

I recommend the paleo diet which is eating meats (fish and seafood included), vegetables, fruits, and nuts.For upper body i recommend push ups, pull ups, shoulder press, lateral raises, tricep exte... Read More »