I have terminal cancer...and the love of my life doesn't know I love her yet?

Answer Spring break always seems to bring out the terminal illness diagnoses! 1. If you were truly at the point of "nothing can be done," then your illness would be obvious to everyone. 2. If you truly... Read More »

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A question for stay at home moms, PLEASE grace me with your answers, I know I would LOVE to know?

haha I was wondering this myself the other day when someone asked a question starting with 'to all full time moms...' I was like, what, if you work, you're only a 'part' time mom?! I wish people wo... Read More »

You are a girl and you love a person. You want to let him know your feelings but you dont want to get rejected.which is the best way to let him know?

You shouldn't be scared to face to face with him. Just tell him how you feel. If he rejects you then move on. There's other guys out there for you. You should always have a back up. You just need t... Read More »

How to Let Her Know You Love Her?

Letting her know you love her is possibly the hardest thing a man has to do, hopefully with the help of this article you might hit the bulls eye.

How to Let a Boy Know You Love Him?

You know him. You know, the fun, smart, nice, and cool one. how do you tell you love him? Read to find out.