How do I know if I am drunk?

Answer you are buzzed, so yeah you are technically drunk. so that means you are not totally in control even though you feel like you are.

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I dot know what to do! My brothers drunk!!?

I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure if he's with someone, he'll be fine. Over-worrying in this situation is only making worse in your own head. Just let it be, he'll likely get in very early, then,... Read More »

How to know if you would get drunk easily?

If you have never consumed alcohol before and have a normal or low BMI, you will get drunk easily.Try consuming a maximum of one drink per hour. This will give you time to gauge your body's respon... Read More »

Anybody know some good slang terms for "drunk"?

sloshedsmashedfaced****facedpissedhammeredplasteredfalling downvery happymessed up****** upmelted86ed3 sheets to the windbeltedbentbetty boopedblitzedbombedinebriatedkerschnickeredout of one's gour... Read More »

How do you know when you are drunk exactly How does it feel like?

1. A little tipsy. 2 drinks. Things are funnier. They actually aren't, but you think they are. You're relaxed. Conversation comes easy. Other than having to pee more often, you don't feel much diff... Read More »