How do you know who to trust with your children?

Answer Answer Let me answer that with a question. Who would you trust with your most valuable posession? Or better yet, who would you trust with your life.Now I want to take my kids out of public school.

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How to Set up a Living Trust for Children?

A living trust is a type of trust created when the grantor, which is the person who is creating the trust, is still alive. The main difference between establishing a living trust and simply willing... Read More »

Trust-Building Games for Children?

When working with a group of kids in any environment, it's important for them to learn to trust each other. Trust is the basis for any group, as it allows them to communicate successfully and work ... Read More »

Should a married couple without children have a living trust?

On One Hand: It Simplifies the ProcessA living trust allows a person to dictate where their assets will go after they die without waiting through the probate process. If you have no children and yo... Read More »

Is a living trust a testamentary trust?

A living trust is not a testamentary trust. A living trust--also known as an "inter vivos trust"--takes effect in the maker's lifetime. In contrast, a testamentary will go into effect only after th... Read More »