How do you know who has deleted you on fb?

Answer Adjust the third spthizer valve on the framulator...isn't this the hardware section???

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How to Know Who Deleted You on Facebook?

Losing friends on Facebook and you want to know who? Follow these steps... (Note that there are faster ways like to find out using Facebook applications, tough these aren't entirely legal)

How do I know if an online shop has deleted my details?

All you have to do is close your account.Everything pertaining to that account will then be removed.They are not allowed by Law to retain Information on closed accounts.

On Facebook, how do you know if you've been blocked or deleted?

You know you've been deleted when that person no longer shows up on your Friends list. You know you've been blocked when you look at the profiles of your friends and if this person wrote on their W... Read More »

Where are the emails I've deleted in my Gmail account Is there not a trash or deleted box I can go to?

Its right there on the Left of the screen under inbox and sent mails