How do you know who has deleted you on fb?

Answer Adjust the third spthizer valve on the framulator...isn't this the hardware section???

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Deleted files. Can we retrieve from the hard disk After it was deleted from the 'trash' I mean.?

When a file is actually deleted by EMPTYING the Recycle Bin, the File Allocation Table* replaces the first character of the file name with a (?) character indicating that this space is now availabl... Read More »

Is everyones MYspace getting deleted Almost every friend that I click on says that there account was deleted.?

Where are the emails I've deleted in my Gmail account Is there not a trash or deleted box I can go to?

Its right there on the Left of the screen under inbox and sent mails

Let's say a song gets deleted from youtube..does it get deleted from my itunes also?

No song on your iTunes are saved on your computer not online