How do you know when your printer is all out of ink?

Answer Well, every printer usually has a print a test page option. Try going to start > settings > printer and faxes. Then click on your printer and look for printing a test page.

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How Will I Know When My Printer Needs Ink?

Although printers warn users when ink is low, printout quality, cartridge weight and other clues can signal that you need a replacement cartridge.

Am I the only person who did not know to purchase a USB when buing a PRINTER- what is a USB anyway?

Printers never come with the USB connector cord. Every computer store will selll them. You are just lliking from a usb A-B pritner cable.I sell printers, always explain to customers that there i... Read More »

Does any one know why my printer is showing full of ink when they are both enpty?

Yes.Someone must have lifted the ink cartridge from its holder in the printer. This triggered the printer to think that you put in a new cartridge when in actuality, you tricked it by lifting the ... Read More »

Does any one know how to remove printer ink from your hands?