How do you know when your baby cries in the womb?

Answer when the baby keeps on kicking

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Why baby cries when they are taken out from the womb?

Most doctors suggest 4-6 weeks unles you had a difficult delivery with a tear or an episiotomy, then possibly longer. Usually after the post-partum exam by the physician.

Why your baby cousin cries when he sees you?

he just isn't used to you yetthe more you see him the better your relationship will becomedon't worry

What does it mean when a baby cries when somebody caries them?

The baby is going through stranger anxiety. Children around this age can become very clingy and anxious around other strangers. Alternatively, the baby may be hungry, sick, dirty, or tired and need... Read More »

Baby cries when feeds and refuses to eat?

Newborns fuss. Especially when it comes to feeding times. That can be normal.I would just get her comfortable before eating. If you think shes having pains, try burping her during feedings.