How do you know when you have had enough?

Answer Once I know I am stumbling or if I am afraid I may stumble, I know I've reached my limit. Gagging after takin' a drink is also a sign sometimes that I am near my limit and it's time to quit drinki... Read More »

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When do you know when the ovens hot enough?

If the oven has a built in temperature gauge, then you should read that for the correct heat. If it does not, I suggest you buy a thermometer that is made to withstand oven heat and use that to tel... Read More »

How to Know when Your Novel Is Long Enough?

Many people have finished novels already on their computer. But they always ask themselves: "Is it long enough?" You are going to get the answer in this article.

How to Know when Your Child Is Old Enough to Babysit?

It seems that most tween or teenagers are interested in babysitting in order to have some spare cash. However, some parents are reluctant to let them babysit - are they mature enough? Can they real... Read More »

How Do I Know If I Have Enough Money for My First Apartment With No Credit?

Finding the perfect first apartment is an exciting time, but the dream can be shattered if a landlord turns you down because of no credit history. Apartment managers look at a variety of factors be... Read More »