How to Know Your Love Is True?

Answer Love, By definition, is "any of a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and or attachment." Love is a feeling of pure bliss and sexual attachment to another person. But how do y... Read More »

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How do you know if you friend is your true love?

You never know for sure, howeverThe primary thing to ask is what you define as true love and then ask yourself this ultimate question! If he or she was in a bad accident and was burnt beyond recogn... Read More »

How to Find True Love With in a Friendship?

True love is happiness, true love is sharing your world with your dearest. How do you turn friendship into love, and is there a fine line between the two? Here is a simple guide to seeking out love... Read More »

Why do adults think teens don't know what true love is?

Everybody starts out their love life with many boyfriends/girlfriends. A lot of the time, since teenagers are so young, they are inexperienced and think what they're feeling is love, but it isn't. ... Read More »

Would you rather- Find true love or 1 million dollars?

I have found true love darling,hello babe!!!!