How do you know when you are ovulated?

Answer Count 10 days after your period =D

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I ovulated whooooo..cervix checking?

Hi Lola!I have just started practicing the whole cervix checking thing myself. Basically you insert a clean finger in to your vagina and when you reach your cervix it will either be:1.Hard, like th... Read More »

When exactly is the new Direct TV Tivo DVR coming out I know it's later this year but does anyone know exactly when and for how much?

I know it has been pushed back to 2010 (re: send part of 2009 is out the window).Hopefully... the delay will mean they are waiting to use their newest series 4 tech in the direct tv box....Cost, do... Read More »

What are the chances of being pregnant had sex sat night and i ovulated on Sunday?

Very high. Sperm can live anywhere from 3 to 5 days in the reproductive tract.

Ovulated on the 2nd feb and had un protected sex on the 3rd what chance do you have of being pregnant?

You would have to be incredibly regular or keeping excellent track of your period and ovulation symptoms to pinpoint the day of ovulation. However, the three days leading up to ovulation are the mo... Read More »