How do you know when you are in labour?

Answer Correct Answer It depends if you are clever or not.

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Iv been told to eat curry at the end of my pregnancy to bring on labour. Any one know why or how this works?

When you are 37 weeks pregnant how soon can active labour start when you are 1 cm dilated and effaced 90 percent?

Theoretically, as long as you are past the point where the fetus is viable, active labor can begin any time in any pregnancy, no matter how much you are dilated or effaced. This means you could go ... Read More »

When is episode 81 Labour Day 1 of 6teen coming on?

The original airdate is September 10,2009 on Teletoon and you can go to this site(below) to see any future changes.

Your sister is in first stage labour and you want to know how to get her to the next stage can someone please help us?

Answer You didn't give us much information.  Is this a home birth?  If so and she is not dialating enough then phone the ambulance and you don't have one close by get her to a hospital or at leas... Read More »