How to Know What to Do when You're About to Get Your Period?

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if you start your period late and the bottom of your stomach is still cramping when you stop your period?

Answer YES! I had a friend that was pregnant and didn't know the whole time. HERE'S THE STORY We were watching t.v. and my friend started cramping so she went and took a nap. Two hours later she c... Read More »

How to Know What to Do About Your Period?

Oh no. First period starting. Don't know what to do.

When did you start your period and start wearing a bra?

Both at age 13 or in eight grade. Believe it or not, I was embarrassed to wear a bra for so long. A girl at school called me over and said I should wear one because you can see through my shirt. My... Read More »

Is it safe to start your starter pill if you did not have a period and you know you are not pregnant?