How do you know when to separate marijuana plants?

Answer as soon as you can identify it as a male or female, separate them. you want to get the males away from females as soon as possible to prevent pollen contacting the female plant, causing the growth ... Read More »

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How do I separate orchid plants?

TimingMonitor your orchids from year to year; if they are producing fewer or smaller blossoms, or the new leaf growth is smaller than the old growth, it's time to repot or divide the orchid.Prepare... Read More »

Is it possible to separate two tomato plants without hurting them?

On One Hand: Seedlings Transplant EasilyTomato seedlings grown in multi-packs often come with more than one tomato growing in a compartment. Seedling roots are short and pull apart easily with litt... Read More »

Can you separate feverfew plants seeds?

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) is also called false chamomile because of its resemblance to French chamomile. It is a member of the sunflower family, and like the sunflower, its seed head can be b... Read More »

Can you separate iris plants in July?

Divide and transplant irises between July and September. Divide bearded iris plants every three to five years, discarding any old, soggy or damaged rhizomes or bulbs. Japanese and Siberian iris do ... Read More »