How do you know when to separate marijuana plants?

Answer as soon as you can identify it as a male or female, separate them. you want to get the males away from females as soon as possible to prevent pollen contacting the female plant, causing the growth ... Read More »

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Does it help marijuana plants bud bigger when you cut the leaves off?

Yes it does, in dutch we call this 'Dieven'. By cutting the plants lower leaves in the last 2/3 weeks before finishing the flowering period, you can gain extra growth in the buds. The dieven helps ... Read More »

I bought a pepper plant with three plants in the same pot. Should I separate them when I plant them?

I got two pepper plants in one jiffy pot. What I chose to do was to clip one off so as not to disturb the root system of the other. This is probably the best choice. When transplanting bare root yo... Read More »

How do I separate orchid plants?

TimingMonitor your orchids from year to year; if they are producing fewer or smaller blossoms, or the new leaf growth is smaller than the old growth, it's time to repot or divide the orchid.Prepare... Read More »

Can you separate iris plants in July?

Divide and transplant irises between July and September. Divide bearded iris plants every three to five years, discarding any old, soggy or damaged rhizomes or bulbs. Japanese and Siberian iris do ... Read More »