How to Know if Someone Likes You (Primary/Elementary)?

Answer Are you suspicious that one of your best friends "like" you? Well, you came to the right article.

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How do you know if someone likes you more than a friend?

You can tell if...........-they look at you more then 3 times in one period at school/group outing/club-If they stumble when they talk to you or if they stumble with their books -The most common is... Read More »

How can I be notified when someone likes my pic on facebook?

Log into facebook.Open your facebook account settings.then click notifications tab on the left side listed.Enable Email and text messaging in that to get notified in your email and your mobile.

How to Ask a Boy out when You Know He Likes You?

Boys can be too scared to ask us girls out, so sometimes we have to do the dirty work. When you know a guy likes you but he doesn't think you like him and you want to ask him out, follow these steps.

How to Get a Girl to Like You when She Likes Someone Else?

Have you ever seen a good looking girl and then later figure out that she's taken? It happens a lot! This article should help you with taken girls. You need to prove that you are better then her cu... Read More »