How to Know When Someone's Lying?

Answer How cool would it be if you could tell if a person's lying or not? Here's how!

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Why is My 21 yr old adopted daughter never able to stop lying or telling obvious tales if you tell you know she is lying she snaps and attacks i am fraid of her help?

she might feel he need 2 be special or to test your boundries just calmly talk tp her about it and make sure you have your thoughtto gether because if yo dont its bound to get badand if she starts ... Read More »

How do a blind person know when to sleep?

Blind people live very much like the rest of us and go to bed and wake up at regular intervals. They have only lost their sight....and really the majority of them do have light and color and moveme... Read More »

Have you ever had someone tell you they have cancer when you know that they are lying?

YES,one too many.However a couple of those believed it,but would not seek Professional opinions and treatment,and i know of one case were a fraud in general used a child's affliction to benefit th... Read More »

How to Do Business when You Don't Know the Other Person?

Sometimes when you have to make a business transaction or calling a candidate for an interview to fill in a position in your company it is better to check references before doing any kind of deal...