How do you know what size bra to wear?

Answer "Women typically buy the wrong bra size," says Cyla Weiner, owner of lingerie boutique called Sylene in Washington, D.C. Simply put, a woman's bra size can change, possibly over six times during a ... Read More »

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I wear a size 15 shoe at 12 years old is that normal what do you think I'll wear when I get older?

well that is ab- normal but dont worry your shoe size will most likely not get much bigger as you grow older the most reasonable explination for this is that your feet have grown faster than your b... Read More »

Where can I buy swim wear in Australia by cup size and not by shirt size?

Im pretty sure shops like bras and things have swimmers but im not sure if its by cup size or not. Im guessing they are though. And then if not there, maybe the internet. I had the same problem exc... Read More »

If my bra size 34d can i wear bra size 32a girl & women only!!!!!!!!!!!!?

then your not wearing the right size for you, so to vic secret, and have them truly measure you, and then you'll see the right size for you, teehee

Does anyone out there really wear a size zero?

you are not fat =Pyes, my sister wears a size zero and i wear a size 2.its not about ur clothing tag anyways hun..u know that xoxo