How do you know what region your DVD player is?

Answer The following is a specific table about the DVD region code. DVD Region Code There are six different official region codes and 2 informal variations for DVDs as follows: RCREGION 1 United States, C... Read More »

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Can Someone in Region 1 buy a DVD player that plays Region 2 DVDs?

Most DVD players have a code to make them "Region Free" (able to play any region). Go to this site: for your model of dvd player and follow the instructions.War... Read More »

How to Play Region 2 on a Region 1 DVD Player?

Region encoding can be annoying, since it stops people from playing legally-purchased DVDs on their player of choice. However, most DVD players can be "hacked" to be made region-free. This allows y... Read More »

How do you play a DVD region 2 on a blu ray region 1 player?

You can't, because DVD region 2 isn't the same region as the BluRay region A/1. If you want to play them, you will need a BluRay region B/2

I have sony bdps500b blu-ray player and i want to make it a multi region player were can i go to do this.?

I don't know a hack as of yet. But that don't mean there wouldn't be. Wait another six months and ask again. Someone will fine a way if it can be done.The old guy's just can't get over Blu-ray winn... Read More »