How do you know the iPod is done charging?

Answer There willbe a small plug-in sign in the battery bar where the lightning bolt normally is when charging.

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Why is your iPod dock not charging your iPod?

it is one of the three its not in correctly, its your ipod, or its the dock hope this helped.

Can I unplug my iPod even if it isn't done charging?

According to the Apple technical support website, you can unplug your iPod before it is done charging without causing any problems. If you want to continue charging the battery later, you can just ... Read More »

Can an iPod be turned on while charging?

If your iPod is charging from a power adapter, car charger or dock, you can turn it on and play music as you normally would. If it's charging from a computer, however, the buttons won't work, and y... Read More »

Charging iPod touch 4th gen?

I have the iPod touch that has the camera on it and I never use a plug in. I would only charge it by a computer or ihome stereo to be safe.