How do you know if you're a bully?

Answer Well, bullying can be as simple as lightly teasing someone to make other people laugh. Have you done that before?

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Is it possible to not know youre 3 months pregnant?

yes it is possible to know whether you're 3 months pregnant through symptoms such as that of: morning sickness; missed cycles; swelling of the abdomen; frequent urination; swelling and tenderness o... Read More »

Is the person bully the bully on the internet will go to jail?

Nope. If a bully is bullying you on the the internet, he/she will not go to jail. UNLESS, threats are involved.

Is bully the same as bully scholarship addition?

NONO"NO NO"? Haha Bully Scholarship Edition has More Missions than Regular Bully. I think it Has 6-8 more missions.

What if there is this bully at school named Fredrico that you don't like and you want to beat him up but don't know if he has a posse?

Answer if I were you I wouldn't fight him. get a couple of close friends to go with you so if fredrico and his posse gang up on you, you'll have them there to get help or help.