How do you know if your spouse is monitoring your internet usage?

Answer If this is what you are worried about, time to leave your spouse.

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When you tether your iphone 4 with mywi and use internet on your computer will it use up the data usage for your iphone 4?

Seeing as how the iPhone 4 requires a micro-SIM you will have to either get a new micro-SIM from Vodafone; cut your SIM down to a micro-SIM; or purchase a dual SIM adapter that will allow you to us... Read More »

Does using the android market use your internet data usage?

First you go to than copy the URL its usally at the place where you typed in After you highlight it and copy it go to a websit called Then there will be a bar ... Read More »

How long does your ISP keep logs of internet history, usage, exc?

No isp's do not have internet history logs as that would be breaching peoples privacy rights, they do keep logs on internet usage, it usually reset after each billing period.And no you can't ask fo... Read More »

How to Know if Your Spouse Is Filing For a Divorce?

No one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce. Every divorce is difficult. Some of the worst are the one sided divorces in which one party had no idea the other was contemplating a divorce. It is... Read More »