How do you know your in labor?

Answer Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.

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How do you know wen your going to in to labor?

How do you know your in labor if your contractions are not painful?

Labor contractions are painful and you can't ignore them. If they are not painful then they are just Braxton Hicks.

How do you know if your waters break during labor?

Usually it occurs all of a sudden and you may feel as if you have suddenly wet yourself. Sometimes, only some of the waters will leak, and you will find yourself losing smaller amounts of fluid esp... Read More »

How will you know when your bunny is in labor?

OK,so first she will start getting hay in her mouth hen she pull fur from her chin or back and make the nest in some rare cases she makes the nest after words ! hope this answered Ur question and a... Read More »