How do you know if your having a sinus or migraine headaches?

Answer The one thing I learned from about a zillion doctors visits regarding the same problem is that docs know nothing. The docs basically said, a sinus headache can turn into a migraine and a migraine ... Read More »

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I have been having headaches for months know,I'm 14 and the headaches wont stop,what kind of headache is it?

You definantly should try taking Iron suppliments> Theyre safe, cheap, and you can get them at the grocery store. If they dont help within a few weeks dont bother but Iron carried oxygen to the b... Read More »

Does anyone know what Chinese Herb is used for the treatment of Migraine headaches?

Chinese herbal medicine uses several herbs at once to treat a specific condition.Take a look at some examples here. These are Chinese patent formulas made specifically for headaches. Each one has s... Read More »

Did you know that having an orgasm at the first sign of a migraine, helps to alleviate the pain?

Oi Minki!I'm feeling a migraine coming on.........GET INTO MY OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!!!

What are the causes of sinus migraine?

Migraines and sinus headaches are two different things, although many individuals often mistake the two conditions for each other. Sinus headaches (a condition called rhinosinusitis) involve facial... Read More »